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First Time Travel Complete Concur Profile

TTS Travel Guide Table of Contents
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You will want to complete your Concur profile to pay for hotels listed in Concur with your Travel Card and get your preferred airline seats, miles, rewards, etc.

Please take time to review this step if you haven’t traveled in a while.

It will make booking hotels in Concur easier, and allow you to personally redeem miles and/or points earned while on government travel.

  1. Log into Concur
  2. In the I want to… menu select Edit my profile
  3. Update your Your Information > Personal Information
  4. If you have already received your card in the mail, add your GSA Credit card to Your Information > Credit Cards. If you skipped this step because you had to travel before getting a Travel Card, return to it when your card arrives. You’ll be glad you did.
  5. Optional Update your Travel Settings > Travel Preferences Do you prefer window seats? Have a frequent flyer or hotel points account? You get to keep those, yay!

Having Trouble

Do you have an upcoming trip?

Yes: Get travel authorization

Having Trouble

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