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First-time travel guide: Step 1a

Get set up to travel for TTS before GSA onboarding

If you're traveling for TTS during your first two weeks (normally for orientation, if you're based in a city that doesn't have a TTS office), you'll need to follow special procedures to get your account set up, which will allow you to make your flight and hotel reservations via AdTrav by calling (877) 472-6716. Here's what you need to do:

  1. First thing to get is a “travel vendor ID”, which you can request by filling out , external,TTS-only, the EFT form and sending it to: , external,

    The EFT form is needed so that the reimbursement for your hotels, meals, and other expenses can be reimbursed (GSA only pays for your flight or Amtrak tickets upfront).

    Note, if you haven't yet started working at GSA and don't have your GSA email address:

Your access to the EFT form linked above may be restricted, so you should have received it as an attachment in your welcome email-- feel free to reach out to , external, if you never got it. Email the filled out EFT to , external,

  1. Once you receive your travel vendor ID (should be in the format E000xxxxx), forward it to , external,, along with your Full Name as it appears on ID and Phone Number as per TSA requirements.

  2. Book travel: A member of the TTS travel team will reach out to you within two business days once you’ve sent in the above information, confirming that you've been set up in the Concur system. You may then call AdTrav at (877) 472-6716 to make your reservations at your convenience.

    Email once you've finalized your reservations and they will approve your itinerary. Make sure this is done during business hours-- no later than 3:30 PM ET!

Until you can get a GSA travel card, you will unfortunately have to pay for your lodging and all other travel expenses other than air or rail upfront. But with a valid receipt, you will get reimbursed (generally 6-10 business days after expenses are submitted). Just make sure to stay at a hotel with rates under the government maximum (also known as the per diem rate). You can look up per diem rates here.

  1. Receive tickets: E-tickets will be sent to the email address that you provided. Once a reservation is made, you will get a “pending” itinerary, which will be finalized, depending on the airline, no later than 72 hours before departure.

  2. Travel! Be sure to keep your receipts. Read more about travel.

    What happens if my flight gets cancelled

  3. After you return, create a voucher for reimbursement:

    You can apply to be reimbursed for your travel expenses as soon as your return from your trip and have full access to Concur. Once you have completed the IT Security Awareness and Privacy Act trainings in TTS-only, GSA's Online University (OLU), you can apply for access to Concur by completing the CGE Access Request Form and sending it to , external,

    Once you get access, you can follow these instructions for how to complete a voucher. Feel free to , external,book travel office hours here any time should you need any assistance.

What happens if my flight gets cancelled?

The easiest option is to have your airline reschedule you. If that's not possible or timely, you may also call Ad-Trav at (877) 472-6716 to be re-booked on any airline.

If you are traveling to orientation and are worried that you will miss it because of delays or cancellations, please email the , external,TTS Talent team and copy anyone who helped you set up travel. We will make arrangements for you to swear in when you expect to arrive. You may have to attend GSA orientation in your home city 2 weeks later, but please continue to travel to the office where your orientation was scheduled to be for onboarding.

While the Talent and Travel Teams won't be available until Monday if your cancellation occurs over the weekend, please feel comfortable re-booking your travel either though the airline or via Ad-Trav, and rest assured that you will be in good hands when you arrive at TTS.

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