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Business Operations Division

The Business Operations Division leads the day to day operations of the organization and delivers on the TTS strategy and operational plans.

This division is made up of four teams and responsible for the following functions:


The TTS Agreements Team works with business units to ensure Interagency Agreements (IAAs), Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs), and Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Agreements (IGCAs) are completed before providing or receiving services to or from partner agencies, offices, state or local governments. The team works closely with TTS business units and partners, as well as the TTS finance team, OCFO, and OGC to ensure our agreements are in compliance with legal and financial guidance. We track agreements from the time they are requested by a business unit until they are fully executed and processed. The team also provides data and business intelligence to help leadership forecast business volume and develop business development strategies.


The TTS finance team conducts budget and revenue planning and budget execution for each business unit. We conduct budget and revenue planning and execution for each TTS business unit as well as provide business intelligence to support data-driven decision making.

People Ops

The People Operations team owns the relationship and experience with staff and supervisors for all things employee related starting when an employee comes on-board through an employee off-boarding. We are experts in people related policy, regulations and bureaucratic requirements.

People Ops Areas of Focus


The Talent team is dedicated to finding the best and the brightest. We partner closely with our leaders and managers, helping them to make better decisions and to solve their strategic talent acquisition issues. We will deliver an incredible candidate experience from the first time a candidate sees a job posting through their days onboarding at TTS.

Talent Areas of Focus

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